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I'm a skilled freelance iOS developer with experience since iOS 7. I take great pride and responsibility in my work, and I’m proficient at working both independently and in teams of various dynamics. I consider myself as an above average developer, with respect to my current experience. I am a quick learner, and I strive to learn new technologies continuously. I’m mainly focused on the iOS platform, but I'm open to discuss possibilities regarding other technologies as well. I will only consider inquiries for freelance positions, as I'm not looking for a permanent position.

I hope you find this resume useful, and please reach out if you have any questions.

Work experience

  • Oct 2017 - Today

    Abstraktion Development (Self-employed)

    I established Abstraktion Development back in 2017, to work solely as a freelance developer. I’ve since then worked with multiple clients, both with in-house projects and as an external on-site developer. I’ve primarily worked with native iOS development, but have also come across multiple projects regarding web development, SEO, online advertising, analytics, hosting etc.

    In the years to come it is my goal to continue working freelance, primarily with native iOS development. Therefore, I’ve mainly included my work experience with larger iOS projects in this resume. For further information please refer to my Linkedin profile.

    Keywords: Swift, Obj-C, iOS, watchOS, Git, Fastlane, CI, Realm, CocoaPods, REST, JavaScript, Wordpress.

  • Jun 2020 - Jun 2022

    Frameo (Freelance iOS Developer)

    For a 2-year period, I worked as a freelance iOS developer at Frameo in Aarhus. In a continously growing development team, I was the leading iOS developer on their app with more than 3 million downloads across iOS and Android.

    My main responsibilities were:

    • - Implementation of new features.
    • - Performance optimisation.
    • - Maintenance and bug fixing.
    • - Security assessment.
    • - Creating and maintaining UI and unit tests.
    • - Creating and maintaining a solid continuous delivery setup.
    • - Providing guidance and knowledge in relation to iOS and Apple platforms.

    Keywords: Swift, Git, Fastlane, Dependency Injection, Jenkins, Core Data, XCTest, CocoaPods, SwiftLint, i18n.

    Contact: Claus Thomsen [ ] - CTO

  • Nov 2018 - Feb 2020

    Vertica, Aarhus C Dept. (Freelance iOS Developer)

    For a total of 9 months between ultimo 2018 and primo 2020, I worked full-time as a freelance iOS developer at Vertica Aarhus. I worked in a small team with native iOS development for two of their large clients, with a heavy focus on creating seamless user experiences in both B2B and B2C settings.

    My main responsibilities were:

    • - Obj-C code base maintenance and feature development.
    • - Building a complete self-service app from scratch in Swift.
    • - Porting a large set of features from an Android application into an existing Swift code base.

    Keywords: Swift, Obj-C, Git, IGListKit, Alamofire, Fastlane, CocoaPods, SwiftLint.

    Contact: Mikkel Yde Kjær [ ] - Project manager

  • Mar 2019 - Jul 2019

    OpenTeleHealth (Freelance iOS Developer)

    During a 5-month period, I worked part time with the responsibility of porting an Android application to the iOS platform. The application resides within the remote healthcare domain, and my work was heavily focused around Bluetooth communication with healthcare devices, together with the creation of streamlined build and release processes.

    Keywords: Swift, Git, Core Bluetooth, Fastlane, CocoaPods, SwiftLint, Documentation.

    Contact: Peter Urbak [ ] - Lead developer

  • Nov 2017 - Mar 2018

    Trifork, Aarhus N Dept. (Freelance iOS Developer)

    I worked full-time during a 4.5-month period with native iOS development, where I was part of a seven-member development team. I was responsible for bug fixing, maintenance and development of new features on iOS applications for five clients, including Telenor and Grundfos. I was also responsible for developing a new watchOS application.

    Keywords: Swift, Obj-C, watchOS, Git, Realm, CocoaPods, VSTS, Auth0, Moya.

    Contact: Claus Nyhus Christensen [ ] - Team manager

  • Apr 2014 - Nov 2017

    Bagvendt (Business Partner / Self-employed)

    For a 3.5-year period, I was a business partner and software developer in a small consultancy company in Aarhus. During this time, I developed a strong understanding of working with clients in relation to expectations, needs and problem solving. I primarily worked with developing native iOS applications. Some of the applications can still be found in the App Store by searching for “AVK Toolbox”, “DNU Byggepladsen” and “Blinfo”. I also built a variety of complex Wordpress solutions.

    Keywords: Swift, Obj-C, Git, iBeacons, Prototyping, Ideation, Wordpress, Sass, JavaScript.

    Contact: David M. Andersen [ ] - Former business partner

  • Feb 2013 - Dec 2013

    IT Minds (Consultant & Product Developer)

    During my time as a consultant at IT Minds, I primarily worked with concept development through the design of high- & low fidelity mock-ups of web and mobile applications. I also worked with front-end development in HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

    Keywords: Prototyping, PoC, Mockups, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript.

    Contact: Jonas Vognsen [ ] - Partner & co-founder

Educational background

  • Aug 2012 - Jan 2015

    MSc, ICT Product Development at Aarhus University

    I graduated with an average of 10.5, and was considered one of the top students of my class. The entirety of my master’s degree was based around group work and collaboration in teams, enabling me to perform well in teams with various dynamics.

    For further information regarding courses and skills, please refer to my Linkedin profile.

  • Aug 2009 - Jul 2012

    BSc, ICT Product Design at Aarhus University

    For further information regarding courses and skills, please refer to my Linkedin profile.


  • Top skills

    Swift, iOS, Xcode, XCTest, Dependency Injection, Fastlane, CI/CD, Core Data, Obj-C, watchOS, Git, CocoaPods, Realm, iBeacons, UI/UX implementation, Bug fixing, VoiceOver, Sketch.

  • Intermediate skills

    SwiftUI, UI design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Bluetooth, HTML, Sass, JavaScript, Wordpress, Mock-ups, Prototypes, Ideation, Concept development.

  • Soft skills

    When fulfilling the role as a developer, I consider myself to be above average with regards to the following soft skills:

    Independent, Teamwork, Problem solving, Presentation, Employee training, Delegation, Conflict management, Meeting management, Honesty, Work-life-balance, Planning, Time-management, Empathy, Desire to learn, Client management.

Thank you for reading my resume. If I have caught your attention in any way, I will be more than happy to elaborate and clarify in person. Please feel free to reach out.

Kind regards, Stephan Sloth